House of Zwide 2 Teasers – August 2023 Episodes

Monday 3 July 2023
Episode 251 (511)

Rea and Funani meet up and have a frank discussion about their relationship and decide to keep their distance. Zanele organizes Shoki’s bridal shower.

Tuesday 4 July 2023
Episode 252 (512)

Mampho learns about Shoki’s bridal shower, and she manages to sabotage it. Ona and Neo disagree about the value of weddings.

Wednesday 5 July 2023
Episode 253 (513)

A beautiful woman arrives at HoZ wanting to talk to Neo and it’s revealed that she’s Alex Khadzi’s sister. Ona saves Shoki’s bridal shower by reminding her she’s with the people she loves.

Thursday 6 July 2023
Episode 254 (514)

Dorothy lies to Molefe and denies the fact that she’s pregnant. Zecharia probes Zanele for the truth, thinking she’s the one who is pregnant.

Friday 7 July 2023
Episode 255 (515)

Shoki has doubts about the wedding but Ona tells her not to let Mampho ruin her fairytale. Funani finally gets through to Mampho using her relationship with her mother.

Monday 10 July 2023
Episode 256 (516)

Molefe struggles with the fact Dorothy is keeping secrets from him, but Ona encourages him not to confront her. Shoki and Nkosi’s traditional wedding kicks off and it’s a beautiful affair.

Tuesday 11 July 2023
Episode 257 (517)

Nandipha decides to crash Nkosi and Shoki’s white wedding and has a moment with Funani. Molefe can’t take it anymore and confronts Dorothy directly.

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Episode 258 (518)

Nkosi and Shoki are excited about their future together while Funani and Faith are worried about Nandipha. Dorothy and Molefe have a bittersweet moment.

Thursday 13 July 2023
Episode 259 (519)

Nandipha gets Benjamin involved in the search for her brother and he warns Funani about prison time. Molefe stops Dorothy from making a big decision.

Friday 14 July 2023
Episode 260 (520)
Season 2 finale!

Funani gets Benjamin to cover up his tracks, but Nandipha ends up getting to the truth through Isaac and Faith. Molefe announces to the Molapos that he’s going to be a father.


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