South African Navy Requirements and Application Form 2022

South African Navy Application Form 2022 | How to Apply


About SA Navy

The South African Navy is the naval warfare branch of the South African National Defence Force. The role of the navy is to prepare for and to conduct naval operations in defence of the South African state, its citizens and interests and to carry out peacetime operations in support of other national objectives.

South African Navy (SA Navy) recruitment intake application form is available here for download and online filling of online application forms. The SA Navy is one of the arms of service of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).


South African Navy Requirments 2022

  • Compulsory Medical fitness (applicants will have to undergo the prescribed SANDF military health examination).
  • Compulsory Psychometric tests with prove.
  • Prove of criminal records by the Criminal Record Bureau for verification.
  • Applications complying with the minimum requirements will be subjected to further screening.
  • Shortlisted candidates identified will then be invited to partake in a selection process.


SA Navy Selection process.

  • Psychometric evaluation: The is done to assess the candidate’s aptitude and potential to develop in the position that was applied for.
  • The nature of these tests will depend on the position applied for.
  • A Selection Board will be conducted in order to assess the applicant’s interest in the position applied for, as well as his or her interest in the Defence Force in general.
  • The interview will also focus on self-confidence, leadership potential and communication skills.
  • A comprehensive medical evaluation will be conducted by appointed military medical practitioners in order to assess the applicant’s medical history and current medical status.
  • All applicants must be declared fit for military training before commencement.
  • Fingerprints of applicants will be sent to the Criminal Record Bureau for verification.
    Records of convictions will be evaluated based on the severity thereof and how recently the offence(s) occurred.


South African Navy Offices/Departments.

Below are all the SA Navy offices/departments you can apply for;

  • Combat Officers.
  • Weapons Operators.
  • Protection Force.
  • Engine Room Attendants.
  • Public Relations.
  • Human Resources.
  • Physical Training.
  • Hospitality
  • Hydrography
  • Fire-fighting
  • Logistics
  • Communications
  • Maritime Reaction Squad
  • Submarine Service
  • SA Navy Divers
  • Student Engineers
  • Student Technical Officer
  • SA Navy Band


How to Apply for SA Navy 2022

if you are interested and wish to join the SA Navy, proceed to the SA Navy official website, where you will fill the Form online while waiting for their response through email or SMS.


SA Navy Portal

The official South African Navy Portal is

You can easily read the latest news and discoveries about the SA Navy in their portal and you can also apply for jobs in the portal.

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