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To start a full or part-time career in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) you must: be a Canadian citizen. be at least 18 years old (17 years old with parental consent), except: … For the Primary Reserves—you may be 16 years old (with parental consent) and must be enrolled as a full-time student.

It’s important to follow all instructions when applying for the Canadian Army recruitment 2019/2020 session online. You may need to fill out a profile, upload your resume and cover letter, and/or take an employment test as part of the online application process.

Ways To Join the Canadian Army

There are several ways to join the Canadian Armed Forces. Your skills, qualification, background, and ambition will influence your way of entry. Get in touch with a recruiter by visiting our Help Centre to find out which entry option is best for you.

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Join the Regular Force (Full-Time)

Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moment’s notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.


Join the Reserves (Part-Time)

Members of the Reserve Force serve part time in the CAF. Their main role is to support the Regular Force at home and abroad. Reservists typically serve one or more evenings a week and/or during weekends at locations close to home. Some Reservists may volunteer to be deployed on operations, if there are positions available.


Paid Education

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has a number of paid education programs for a first-class education that will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Graduates of our programs are leaders in their fields, working with cutting-edge technology, developing military strategies and making a difference in their communities.


Programs for Indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year

A one-year educational program offered to Indigenous peoples through the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)

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Summer training programs

Summer Indigenous programs provide an opportunity to discover Military culture and training.

Canadian Armed Forces Indigenous Entry Program

A special three-week program for Indigenous peoples who are considering a career in the CAF.


Canadian Armed Forces Online Employment Application

Before you begin

In order to access the CAF Online Employment Application (OEA) you may either create a GCKey, which uses a Government of Canada credential (User Name and Password that you create), or you may access the OEA through a Sign-in Partner (Government Sign-In by Verified.Me) which uses your online banking information. In either case you will be required to access the OEA through your GCKey, or Sign-in Partner, in addition to creating and utilizing login information for the OEA.

Steps To Join Canadian Army

There are 5 primary steps in the application process. Each step requires your input and dedication. Make sure you are prepared and provide all required documents in a timely manner. Get in touch with a recruiter by visiting our Help Centre if you need help during the process.

  • Submit your application 1Submit your application

    You will then need to present original copies of your birth certificate, government issued photo ID, transcripts from your highest level of education, proof of trade qualifications and professional licenses, and any additional forms required for the trade or job you selected. All overseas education must be presented with a Canadian equivalency from Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada

  • Submit your application 2Reliability screening

    You will fill out reliability screening forms. This ensures you are trustworthy with sensitive information. The Canadian Forces will verify all the forms you submit so be completely honest when filling out the required forms.

  • Submit your application 3Aptitude test

    You will complete an aptitude test to assist in determining which military occupations you may be best suited for. The 60 minute aptitude test will evaluate your verbal skills, spatial ability, and problem solving. As writing exams can be stressful for some people, you are strongly encouraged to complete the official Practice Canadian Forces Aptitude Test Opens in a new tab in its entirety prior to the testing session at a Recruiting Centre near you. For more detailed information, visit the “How do I prepare for the CFAT?” article in the Forces.ca Help Centre.

    During the same testing session visit, you will also complete a 30 minute personality inventory, which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities. To learn more about your personality and how it may influence military occupation choices, check out this personality assessmentOpens in a new tab.

  • Submit your application 4Medical exam

    You will then take a two part medical exam: First there is a questionnaire on your medical history including specific information on your medication. Then the medical staff will conduct a physical exam to measure your height, weight, evaluate your vision, colour perception and hearing. The second step is a medical file review to determine any limitations that will affect your training and career.

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  • Submit your application 5Interview

    The next step is an interview with a military career counselor; it is your official job interview and a very important step. The application process is very competitive and you will be asked questions about your work history, knowledge of the Canadian Forces, and understanding of the job you selected.

Canadian Army Basic Training

Basic training will teach you the core skills and knowledge to succeed in a military environment. It may be the most demanding experience you have ever had and requires hard work and perseverance. Courses emphasize basic military skills, weapons handling, first aid, and ethical values. Since physical fitness is an important part of military service, a large part of the course is spent on fitness training.

Canadian Army Recruitment 2023 Process

The Canadian Army generates well-trained and well-led soldiers that can meet today’s operational challenges. Soldiers develop their skills during exercises and at a number of training centres and schools located across the country. Practice makes perfect! Canadian soldiers develop their skills during exercises, which are simulated operations. Throughout the year, the Canadian Army conducts numerous exercises to ensure our soldiers are always ready for future operations.

The Canadian Army plays a vital role in protecting the interests of Canadians both at home and abroad. From Arctic sovereignty patrols to disaster response, from humanitarian support to combat operations, the Canadian Army is ready to serve and stands on guard to protect all Canadians.

The Canadian Army generates well-trained and well-led soldiers for domestic and international operations which are carried out by the Canadian Joint Operations Command.

The Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) is an important part of Army Headquarters. This formation is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, and controls all individual and collective training activities for the Army. It has several components located in various locations;

  • Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, New Brunswick
  • Canadian Army Command and Staff College, Kingston, Ontario
  • Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, Wainwright, Alberta

Canadian Army Recruitment 2023  Application Guidelines

No matter your background and interests, there is a place for you among our ranks. Explore the topics below to learn about the application process, training, service requirements and more.

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The Canadian Forces Recruiting Centres to recruit for the Army, Navy and Air Force.

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