Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Skin Dark Spots

Dark spots on the skin, or hyperpigmentation, occur when some areas of the skin produce more melanin than usual.


Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Skin Dark Spots

Dark patches on the skin make up for another common skin condition that can appear at any age.

Dark spots can appear on our skin suddenly, but their presence always has a reason. Scientists point out that there are several main factors that can trigger this skin condition. They include sun exposure, inflammation, hormonal changes, taking chemical medications, some health problems (for instance, liver disease), and aging. If you find dark spots on your skin, don’t panic. These dark patches may be caused by recent skin inflammations or by your own photosensitivity — in other words, they may turn out to be ordinary freckles.

Dark spots may occur on black skin when the skin overproduces melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives skin its color.


Factors that can trigger excess melanin production include sun exposure and hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy.

There are several different causes of dark spots, as we describe here:

Sun damage

Also called sunspots, solar lentigines, or liver spots, people can develop dark spots on their skin after being exposed to the sun or tanning beds.

Areas of the body that receive the most sun exposure, such as the face, hands, or arms, are most likely to develop sun spots.

Hormonal changes

Melasma is a skin condition that leads to small patches of skin discoloration. The condition is more common in women, especially during pregnancy.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hormones may trigger melasma.

Medication side effects

Certain medications can increase skin pigmentation and lead to dark spots. The most common culprits are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), tetracyclines, and psychotropic drugs.


Dark spots can develop after a bout of inflammation on the skin. Inflammation may occur for various reasons that include eczema, psoriasis, injury to the skin, and acne.

Wound healing

Dark spots may remain after an insect bite, burn, or cut heals. These may fade with time.


Cosmetic skin or hair products can irritate the skin, causing dark patches to form.


Diabetes can cause areas of the skin to become darker.

Conditions associated with diabetes include acanthosis nigricans, which causes darkened, velvety skin, and shin spots or diabetic dermopathy, which people may confuse with age spots.

Natural Remedies For Removing Black Spot On The Skin

1. Alove Vera

The anti-aging and skin-nourishing properties of Aloe Vera make it an amazing remedy for the skin. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf in half and rub it on your skin. Let your skin dry and rinse with water. Repeat this treatment daily until you get rid of the dark patches.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another natural remedy that can work wonders for skin that is affected by dark patches thanks to its nourishing, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing properties. Apply coconut oil to affected areas and let your skin absorb it. Make sure you use cold-pressed oil as it contains more vitamins.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in natural acids that are effective for skin whitening. Apply pineapple juice onto the areas affected by dark patches with a cotton pad and rinse after 5 minutes. You may also rub your skin with thin slices of fresh pineapple.

4. potato juice

Apply potato juice or thin slices of fresh potato onto the affected areas of the skin and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse your skin with water. Those who tried this remedy noticed positive changes after 7-8 days of doing potato applications.

5. lemon Juice

Apply some fresh lemon juice onto the affected area with a cotton pad. Let the juice dry and then rinse with water. Apply this remedy daily for at least 2 weeks. You may also mix lemon juice with honey for a DIY facial mask that will help to brighten, nourish, exfoliate, and even tone of your skin

6. Turmeric

  • Combine 2 tablespoons of rice water, 2 tablespoons of flour, and 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a glass bowl. Mix well.
  • Dip the Q-tip in the bowl and dab on into dark spots.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and finish off with your favorite serum and moisturizer.



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