Investec Tertiary 2022 Bursary | How to Apply

Investec Tertiary 2022 Bursary | How to Apply


The Investec Tertiary Bursary is among the many scholarships designed for South African students facing financial hardship to continue their education. It is a full-cost bursary awarded annually to certain meritorious students. If you’re looking forward to applying for it, check if you’re eligible for it first. In this article, we explain what the bursary is all about, its eligibility criteria, and how to apply for it.


About the Investec Tertiary Bursary

The Investec Tertiary Bursary is offered by Investec, the leading South African financial services company, in partnership with StudyTrust, a trust-cum-public benefit organization. Investec provides monetary funding while its associate organization administers the scholarship.


The aim of the bursary is to aid selected South African students financially who want to pursue an undergraduate degree. With the assistance, hundreds of less prosperous students were able to complete their respective degrees.

The bursary covers all the study-related expenses, but terms and conditions do apply.

Investec is a finance company offering services like specialized banking, wealth and investment management, asset management, among others.

But the Investec bursary isn’t limited to facilitating financial education solely. It grants money to needy students who want to pursue degrees other than commerce. Here’s a list of some of the undergraduate college degrees the scholarship covers:

  • Commerce
  • com Informatics
  • Sc Computer Science
  • Bachelors of IT
  • Bachelors of Information Science
  • Business Sciences
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Commercial LLB

Most of the degrees are relevant to the financial services sector. In the near future, StudyTrust may cover other courses as well.

Besides funding your education, the scholarship also helps students in getting a job. There’s a personal development and mentorship program to help students prepare for the available jobs.



Bursary Eligibility Criteria

Not all students looking to pursue undergraduate studies are entertained by the scholarship. There are certain eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to avail of the scholarship. As an applicant, you must be aware of these criteria and ensure you meet all of them.


The eligibility criteria for Investec Tertiary scholarship are:

  • Must be a South African citizen.
  • Must be able to prove their financial hardship. It’s only open to needy students.
  • Must have an excellent academic track record.
  • Must have scored not less than 60% in all subjects and 70% in Mathematics (not Maths literacy), in particular. Along with that, the score should be more than 70% and 65% in English FAL and English HL, respectively.
  • Must be proceeding towards an undergraduate degree that the scholarship covers. Some of the degrees (most of which are in the financial sector) are already mentioned above.
  • Students in their first year of Actuarial Science or Grade 12 students are also eligible to apply. They must be in possession of a National Senior Certificate.

All the applicants must cross-check their scenario with the eligibility criteria. StudyTrust receives thousands of applications. And they’ll be rejecting the ones that do not satisfy even one of the criteria.

Bursary Application Process

If you’ve checked the eligibility requirements and confirmed that you meet them, move ahead with the application process. Here are the steps involved:

How to apply

  • Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s WhatsApp platform before 30 September to be considered for a bursary for next year.
  • Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.

Closing date

  • Application Season: 01 April to 30 September.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on our Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.

Submit Necessary Documents

The next step is to gather and submit relevant documents necessary along with the application form. These will be used to verify the credentials and claims you’ve made.

Here is the list of documents you need to prepare:

  • A South African ID card
  • June’s results (or the latest results if you’ve skipped this year of education)
  • Matric or NSC results for those who’ve completed Grade 12
  • Progress reports of June’s results for Tertiary students
  • Current payslips of your parents/guardians if they’re employed. Alternatively, you may submit tax return statements or sworn statements from their employers)
  • If your parents are self-employed, submit the latest financial statements
  • If they’re unemployed, gather sworn statements
  • In case they’re deceased, submit death certificates
  • If they’re separated, submit divorce certificates and sworn statements

Create digital copies of these statements and submit them online along with the application.

The deadline for this year’s Investec Tertiary Bursary application is 30th September 2021.

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